Gable Top

Parksons Packaging’s foray into Gable Top packaging solution brings you ParkPak. ParkPak  ensures your products reach consumers fresh and secure, just the way you intend.

Gable Top cartons are considered to be the most popular form of packaging for a variety of products –

  • Liquid products like milk, yoghurt, cream, edible oil, juices, health drinks, beer, liquor, wine & egg yolk.
  • Dry products like snacks, sugar, Ice cream mix, laundry detergents, lubricants, paints & cosmetics.

Made of recyclable virgin paper boards, the name Gable Top comes from the fold at the top which looks like a gable end of a house. Originally designed to pack fresh pasteurized milk, this became the standard packaging in many countries for fresh milk and fresh juice. Other than liquid this is also widely use to pack dry products.

Gable Top is a superior alternative to many traditional packaging solutions and have several advantages such as better branding, convenience of transportation, storage and use and also is environementally friendly.

Parksons Packaging as a solution provider
Parksons Packaging is the first company in India offering an end to end solution to pack liquid & dry products in a Gable Top carton. As an innovative solution provider you can rely on Parksons Packaging to meet your packaging and production requirements.

Partnering NiMCO as Exclusive Distributor
Parksons Packaging has partnered with NiMCO to offer custom solutions to fill and pack in Gable Top cartons. This is supported by a well-trained sales & service network with an objective to provide support and service of the best quality.

About NiMCO
NiMCO Corporation is the worldwide leading independent manufacturer of Gable Top packaging machinery with a modern state of the art facility ,located in Crystal Lake,Illinois, USA.

NiMCO has over 50 years experience in design and production of durable, reliable and versatile packaging systems and the ability to customize each machine based on requirement.

NiMCO equipment will form, apply cap, sterilize and seal paperboard Gable Top cartons. Its mechanical designs are created on “Maximum production, Minimum maintenance” parameters. It makes the most flexible system in the industry (Volume – 4 ounce to 5 Liters / Speed  – 4 to 125 carton per minute).

NiMCO UltraClean ESL system ensures higher hygiene level to help extend the shelf-life of chilled products beyond the pasteurized level.