Parksons Packaging has signed an agreement with the Fresh Box Alliance by Billerud Fresh Services, in order to make a difference within the fresh produce industry in India.

SoliQ™, a holistic concept for packaging optimization, is designed to secure the transportation of fresh produce in order to reduce losses and increase margins throughout the supply chain. Developed by Billerud Fresh Services in Sweden, SoliQ™ is a smart way for all actors in the value chain to increase their profitability.

Profitability increases for growers and exporters when more harvested goods reach their final destination. In many markets, unwanted blemishes and other imperfections significantly lower the value of the produce. SoliQ™ is the reliable choice for consistent, high quality packaging, reducing the risk of packaging-related produce damage during transport.

SoliQ™ packages are flexible and uniquely tailored to the conditions of each supply chain. Scientifically tested for humid conditions and specified to cope with even the toughest supply chains, SoliQ-branded packaging is proof of performance – packaging that remains intact throughout the entire journey.

Parksons Packaging is the only licensed supplier of SoliQ™ in India.

For more information about SoliQ™, please contact us or visit the Billerud Fresh Services website at